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The Kinesiology Network @ www.Kinesiology.net, founded 1996 by Mac Pompeius Wolontis, Swedish Academy of Kinesiology, Stockholm.

The Kinesiology Network is the the web site for Manual Muscle Testing, Kinesiologic Medicine, Applied Kinesiology and Energy (Specialized) Kinesiology.

At Kinesiology Net you will find useful information about manual muscle testing kinesiology, addresses to schools, associations and journals, links to research-papers, and many www-links to other web sites about Applied Kinesiology and different Energy Kinesiology methods.

 George J. Goodheart, DC.
George J. Goodheart, DC. Founder and Developer of Applied Kinesiology (AK).
August 18, 1918 – March 5, 2008.

 George J. Goodheart, DC.
Chiropractor George J. Goodheart, D.C., the founder of Applied Kinesiology, performing a traditional manual muscle test developed by the Swedish Kinesiologists at The Royal Gymnastic Central Institute GCI in Stockholm.

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